The Vermont Humane Federation is proud to present the FINAL REPORT of the Vermont Animal Cruelty Task Force, which was legislatively appointed last session in Act 53 (S. 102) to “evaluate the state of animal cruelty investigation and response in Vermont, including the resources devoted to animal investigation and response services and to recommend ways to consolidate, collaborate, or reorganize to use more effectively limited resources while improving the response to animal cruelty.”

The Task Force reviewed and compared Vermont’s animal cruelty response system with other states’ systems in several key areas we were charged to address: uniform operating protocols, training, data collection, funding, and other relevant issues.  This diverse group, representing private humane societies, animal rescues, veterinarians, municipalities, dog enthusiasts, state agriculture officials, sportsmen, law enforcement, social workers, and animal control officers was assembled to bring multiple agencies to the table to better understand each other’s role in animal cruelty investigations, and to determine how we can work together more effectively to improve the responses and outcomes across the board for animals, the public, and the agencies tasked with this difficult job.

We hope this resource will serve as the basis for future conversations (and legislation) aimed at making Vermont a more humane community for all of its inhabitants.

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